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Private Chef Recommendations For A Vacation In Roaring Fork Valley


Hello Friends,


If you’re heading to Aspen for a ski vacation or spending the summer with us here in the Roaring Fork Valley, let Aspen Catering Company take care of your meals. I’m Chef Ken, a private chef with a true passion for creating delicious, seasonal meals to elevate your every day and let you get the most out of your vacation time. If you’ve never thought of hiring a personal or private chef for your vacation with family or friends, you’ve been missing out!


Imagine this: waking up in your ski lodge or cabin to the smell of sizzling bacon or fluffy pancakes and fresh fruit. Around lunchtime you can head back for a spread of charcuterie and cheeses, warming soup, fresh salads or take a boxed lunch to go. After a tiring afternoon on the slopes, you can look forward to a Chicken Parm, my famous cauliflower steak or even a classic burger if that’s the mood you’re in. Check out some example menus to get an idea of what you can expect, although as a professional and experienced chef, I can cater any dish you request. Basically, hiring a private chef for your next vacation really lets you get on with the task of just having the best vacation ever.


Why You Need A Private Chef to Cater Your Vacation

Of course, I’m biased, but here’s a list of reasons why hiring a private chef for your next vacation is a great idea:

• No need to organize multiple meals every day for the whole group

• Grocery shopping and meal planning is taken care of

• You can choose things everyone will enjoy

• No prepping, cooking or cleanup for you!

• Your vacation time can be spent relaxing with your friends and family, not wasting time in the kitchen, at the store or working out where to go eat.

• Hiring a private chef also isn’t as expensive as you might think, especially when the cost can be split between a group. You will get high quality, healthy meals with zero stress - who can put a price on that?


Hiring a private chef for your vacation in Aspen or the Roaring Fork Valley couldn’t be easier. Just contact Aspen Catering Company and relax!


Can I Personalize My Vacation Menu?


Of course! I’m super approachable and want to work with you to ensure everyone’s happy with the menu and food schedule. If you only need dinner for four nights out of six, no problem. If you want breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner every day for your entire trip, that’s great! Allergies, preferences, picky kids, just let me know.


And don’t worry, I don’t have to be taking up space in your holiday home. Aspen Catering Company operates in-house or we can also do deliveries or drop-offs of prepared meals, whichever works best for you.


Just get in touch to schedule Aspen Catering Company to cater your next vacation in the Roaring Fork Valley - I promise you’ll never go self-catering again!


Bonnes vacances!


Chef Ken

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