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Want a Stress-Free Holiday? Use A Catering Service!

Hi Friends,


Chef Ken from Aspen Catering Company here to add some seasonal cheer to your inbox! With special holidays to celebrate all year round, do you ever feel overwhelmed by prepping and cooking for a large gathering or even just your family? Traditional meals such as ham or lamb for Easter and turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas can end up taking a long time, meaning that you spend all day (or multiple days!) in the kitchen when you really want to be spending that time with your family and friends. 


With all the expected appetizers and side dishes too, it’s no wonder that some people actually dread what’s supposed to be a fun time of the year. And what about the clean up? After all that work, the kids disappear, the seniors fall asleep and you’re left with the carnage in the kitchen. We’ve all seen those crazy instructions some people are given when it comes to bringing a dish to a large gathering - who needs all that stress and the potential family arguments? Wouldn’t it be easier to hire a personal chef service to just do everything for you?


Well, guess what? If you’re in the Roaring Fork Valley, Aspen Catering Company can come to your rescue! From dropping off pre–prepared meals to catering your whole event, all you’ll need to do is get everyone round the table and enjoy! Here are some menu examples of the delicious creations you can be tucking into thanks to our personal chef service:

• Fresh jumbo shrimp cocktail

• A mouthwatering antipasto platter

• Cucumber cups stuffed with crab salad

• Mini scallops wrapped in bacon

• Our amazing lobster lollipops

• A crowd pleasing Chicken Parmesan

• Baby Back Ribs - in demand at any time of year

• Locally sourced rack of lamb

• A vegetable Napoleon

• A selection of delicious desserts


Successful Holiday Meals Made Easy for Roaring Fork Valley Residents!

If you’re thinking that hiring a personal chef or catering company for holiday meals is kind of cheating, you’re wrong! It’s a win all around. Not only are you and your guests guaranteed a fantastic, memorable meal, you’ll be able to provide a gourmet experience that otherwise might be beyond your technical skills or you can try something you’d never thought of before. With decades in the food industry, my private chef skills can accommodate whatever menu you choose.


And who says you have to have turkey for Thanksgiving? If you ask me, a pork tenderloin that’s crackly on the outside and tender on the inside can’t be beaten. Tell me your family’s favorite dishes or let me design a menu for you; Aspen Catering Company will always deliver something everyone will love to make your holiday celebration a real success.


Get in touch to schedule your holiday meal, to book a catering date or just to let me know your favorite holiday food memory. I would tell you mine but it’s really a story for another day!


Take care,


Chef Ken

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