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A Great Rehearsal Dinner Prepared by Private Chef Ken Boucher

Weddings are fun, aren’t they? Well, for guests they usually are but for the people organizing every little detail they can be stressful to say the least! And apart from the ceremony itself, there’s the little matter of the rehearsal dinner to get everyone into the celebrating spirit. What’s the best way to have a great evening with guaranteed delicious plates, unobtrusive staff and the ultimate send-off into married life? Hiring a private chef from Aspen Catering Company, that’s how!  


Rehearsal dinners can be big, small or anything in between. Nowadays they can include immediate family, extended family, wedding party members, friends from out of town, anything goes! So when the numbers start rising, turn to an experienced private chef to give your guests an evening to remember. If you’re in Aspen, CO or the Roaring Fork Valley, you can rely on the expertise of Chef Ken Boucher and the Aspen Catering Company.


Catering Ideas For a Rehearsal Dinner in Roaring Fork Valley

You don’t have to book a restaurant for your special evening before the big day, the rehearsal dinner can be its own standalone event. And it doesn’t even have to be a big deal, you can make it as casual or formal as you like. In fact, one of the best rehearsal dinners I ever catered was a backyard barbecue at the groom’s mother’s home in Aspen. The weather didn’t really play ball but the steaks were sizzlin’ and the music was loud and after a while nobody really seemed to mind. That’s one of the things I love about being a private chef: seeing my creations bring other people happiness. 


If you are throwing a larger shindig, hiring a private chef is still a great choice for an indoor or outdoor venue. As well as bbq and American-style dishes, I specialize in Asian plates and healthy spa cuisine and will work with you to create whatever meal you want to present. After choosing your menu (which is very fun), all you need to do is make sure everyone comes to the dinner hungry! If you want to hire a private chef to cater your rehearsal dinner, Aspen Catering Company can come to you anywhere in the Roaring Fork Valley.


Here are a few ideas for a rehearsal dinner theme:

• Backyard bbq - burgers, steaks and mouth wateringsides

• A picnic in the park - go casual with antipasto plates, mini quiches and finger lickin’ finger food

• A larger event - try buffet style catering with plenty of appetizers to keep everyone happy

• Formal dining - pick a special venue and let Aspen Catering Company prepare a multi-course banquet complete with locally sourced Colorado beef and lamb.


A Successful Rehearsal Dinner in Aspen

I’ve been a private chef for many rehearsal dinners and in my experience, my top tip is to keep the guestlist under control. You’ve got a big day coming up the next day, don’t take away from that by blowing all your energy on the rehearsal dinner. Keep it simple, keep it local and, of course, keep it delicious. Hiring a private chef is your secret weapon to a successful rehearsal dinner.


Take care,


Chef Ken


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