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Is Chef Ken The Best Private Chef in

Hi friends, 


It’s Chef Ken from the Aspen Catering Company here. Not to sound too full of myself, but as private chefs go, I’m definitely up there! Whether you’re looking to cater a large event or just need me to cook up dinner for a small family gathering, please get in touch for a meal that's guaranteed to hit the spot. 


Living in the Roaring Fork Valley gives me access to all kinds of local produce that I can then turn into delicious appetizers and entrees that fit the season, the occasion and your own personal tastes. For your next private event you can choose from things like my gourmet flatbread pizzas, antipasto platters and mini quiches to kick the evening off. Entrees include my amazingly tender Beef Wellington, the classic Coq Au Vin, local rack of lamb and a choice of thoughtfully created vegetarian options. 


If you’re on vacation or staycation here in Aspen, let me help you enjoy your time even more by being your personal chef. If you’ve never thought of hiring a private chef for your Aspen vacation before, you’ve been missing a trick. I’ve been told that my breakfast biscuits and gravy are second to none, probably the best antidote after a little too much après-ski!

Why Would I Need A Private Chef?

You might be thinking “OK, this all sounds great but what do I need a private chef for?” Well, it’s not just the rich and famous that can call on a personal chef any time they want, you can too. Here are a few reasons why you might think of using a personal chef service and if you’re in the Roaring Fork Valley, contact Aspen Catering Company for all your private chef needs:

• Catering large events such as parties and weddings

• Creating a memorable meal at home, whether for a small gathering or just your immediate family

• Taking the stress out of prepping, cooking and cleaning up after mealtimes, especially if you’re on vacation

• To treat your partner or friends to a gourmet meal where you can spend all your time with them

• To make a backyard bbq really special

• To help save time on grocery shopping 

• To learn how to cook some delicious plates from a friendly, professional chef


As well as catering your party whether in your own home or not, Aspen Catering Company can also drop off meal kits or prepared dinners to bring that extra special touch to a birthday, anniversary, or just to elevate your Saturday night in.


Hiring a private chef shouldn’t be scary or daunting and that’s definitely not me. I love working with my clients to create the best menus, the best atmosphere and the best memories. Take a look at the services Aspen Catering Company provides on my website and get in touch if you need to hire a private chef in Aspen or the Roaring Fork Valley to help with your next party, event or special occasion. 


Until next time,


Chef Ken.

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